The world is in flux.

The question of identity has troubled humanity for centuries, but now in a technological age of communication, economic crisis and rapid change we are confronted more than ever with the question: who are we? 

Thirty-four emerging photojournalists from around the globe respond to this crisis in a variety of creative and thought-provoking ways. Spanning continents, ethnicities and personal boundaries, this exhibition showcases the height of photographic practise combined with the probing insight of quality documentary and first-class journalism. It comes as the conclusion to the internationally acclaimed MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the London College of Communication. 

A cohort of multi-award-winning image makers, this group addresses and challenges the question of identity in the modern world, with approaches ranging from the classically photojournalistic to the contemporary and conceptual, and will introduce audiences to issues on the international stage, from the Occupy Movement in the US, to the intimate and personal, such as an insight into gender reassignment.

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Final Show 

London College of Communication

12 Dec – 09 Jan


Elephant & Castle

London SE1 6SB

Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7514 6500


“As we approach the end of an

extraordinary twelve month journey, 

I look at the work produced by the

class of 2012 with a sense of wonder

and admiration.  With a central theme 

of identity the 2012 MA show

'It Is What it Was' brings together the

thoughts, ideas and observations of 34

exceptional photographers. Their stories

are fresh and original and the manner in

which they are presented to the public,

contemporary and in some cases,

ground breaking.”

Course Leader John Easterby

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